Rebuilding lives

Glasgow Together is a Community Interest Company (CIC) that exists to create full-time, living wage jobs for ex-offenders in the construction space, as well as meaningful work experience for current offenders within the prison environment. The Company’s belief is that employment is key to offender rehabilitation: ultimately, recognising their future potential, not their past, is paramount to helping these men and women regain control over their lives.

This is achieved through a commercially sustainable business model which involves:

Building new affordable homes: acquiring high quality land plots and constructing timber framed housing for sale to the private market and social enterprises such as housing associations; and 

Refurbishing empty homes: buying, refurbishing and restoring empty or sub-standard residential properties prior to sale.

On all projects, both new build activity and renovations, ex-offenders are employed on-site in the construction works – this mirrors the social delivery model applied by Glasgow Together’s sister operations in Bristol and the Midlands. For new build projects, current offenders on custodial sentences – and also some on non-custodial Community Payback Orders – will gain precious work experience through involvement in the workshop or prison based prefabrication of timber structures (e.g. timber kit/roof trusses) used by Glasgow Together. This experience equips those offenders with the confidence and skills for ongoing employment, potentially with Glasgow Together, on release.

Once the properties are constructed, or fully restored, they are then sold and the original capital, plus any profits, re-invested back into the business to finance further land and property purchases and further job creation.